My weather only shows "?????" instead of the temperature!

These questions marks are a placeholder that appear when Themer cannot find your location. Sometimes it's questions marks, other times it will be icons of unicorns or planets :)

Themer utilizes your phone's built-in Location Services to find your location and properly display your weather. For most users, the reason that location and weather do not show on Themer is that the device's Location Services is set to "GPS only," a setting that does not work indoors. Please confirm first that your phone has the Location Services enabled. You can do this from your phone's System Settings menu. If the option is enabled, please also ensure that it is also set to use WiFi, Data, or WiFI and Data

Location and weather will not display when the phone is set to "GPS only" while indoors. 

So how do I fix it?

To fix the weather, try these steps:

1. Open your phone's Location Services menu
2. Set it to either High Accuracy or Battery Saving. If you do not have these options, then just ensure that it is set to use WiFi and Data. GPS is optional.
3. Return to Themer and open the Themer Settings > Weather menu
4. Manually set your preferred temperature unit and Apply

This should give you the best chance of finding your location, and will also force the widget to refresh. If you have any questions or any further issues, please contact us at

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