How do I make Themer my default homescreen?

Themer does *not* erase your old homescreen. At any time you can go back and forth between the two. After you install Themer, the first time you hit your home button your phone will ask you which homescreen you want to use. Choose Themer and press "Always." That way you won't get asked again.

If  you want to get back to your old homescreen, go into the long press menu (by long pressing the screen). Press "Settings," "Themer," and "Restore Old Homescreen." You can then choose your old launcher (along with "just once" or "always"), and you'll be right back where you left off before you installed Themer.

If you want to get Themer back, run the Themer app (by pressing the Themer app icon). Go back to the Themer menu and hit the big "Set Home" button. Choose "Themer" and "Always."

We know it's a bit confusing, but these are the wonders of Android!  If you have any questions, contact us at

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