How do I use the favorites tab in the app drawer?

Users of Android themes often don't like to clog their homescreen with app icons, but they still need easy access to their most-used apps. Because of this, we added a "favorites" tab to the app drawer. There are two ways to add apps to this tab:

1. Manual: Go to your app drawer, long-press on an app icon as if you're going to drag it to your homescreen. You'll notice a heart icon in the top right of your homescreen. Just drag the icon over to the heart and release. To remove an icon from the favorites tab, long press on it and follow the same procedure.

2. Import: Open your app drawer and click on the favorites tab. You'll notice a "Manage Favorites" icon. Clicking on this will let you import all the apps from the homescreen of other launchers on your device in one click. You can use "Manage Favorites" to clear all the icons from the favorites tab. We have also added the ability to import your most recent and most used apps. 

3. Edit Favorites: Open your app drawer and click on the favorites tab. Click on the "Manage Favorites" icon, and select "Edit Favorites." From here, you can any of your apps to your favorites tab just by checking their boxes. To remove them from your tab, just uncheck the box of the unwanted app.

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