Saving Themes

When there are hundreds of free themes available at the click of a button, it's difficult to stick with just one. However, if you change themes you'll lose all the custom changes you've worked so hard on. There's a simple solution to this problem: save your work!

To save a theme that you've made changes to, just long press the screen, and tapSAVE. Now, any time you switch to this theme from the theme store or from your Downloaded or Favorites list, you will be given the option of applying the default theme, or applying your saved version. 

Also, if you make changes to your theme and decide to switch themes without first saving, we will remind you to save by displaying a popup message. You should never lose your settings again when you change your themes!

Of course, you can always still use our old method of Exporting Themes, if you wish. To export a theme that you've made changes to, just follow these steps:

1. Long press the homescreen
2. Tap Advanced
3. Tap More
4. Tap Export Theme (it says for designers only, but it's okay for you to use)
5. Enter a name for your theme and tap OK

This will save a copy of our theme to your phone, which will allow you to re-apply it any time you want. You can find it in the app through theExported menu.

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